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2. Search OwnOutdoors the OwnOutdoors marketplace features a wide variety of outdoor activities, tours, classes, services and gear. Boats, charters, kayaks, camping gear, scooters, bicycles, outdoors tours/trips, lessons and much more.

3. Message the owner or seller –  you can send the owner an email, call or visit their website to inquire about the product or service. This gives you a chance to chat, ask questions, discuss availability and pricing before the owner approves your request.

4. Rent or Buy - now you can pay for the product or service using a credit card or debit card.

5. Pick up the item at the agreed upon location - if not at a business location, we always recommend a public location. 

6. Have a blast and enjoy what mother nature has given to us!

7. Return the gear - make sure to communicate with the owner so you know where and when to return the item. Please be on time, and return the gear in the condition that it was provided to you. Remember to inspect the condition of the returned gear with the owner to make sure there are is no significant damage.

8. Build trust and relationships in the OwnOutdoors marketplace - help each other by providing sincere and honest reviews (it only takes a minute). Become a repeat customer or business!