City Highlights: a Private Tour

Explore the City of London's bloody past. 

Embark on this private walking tour that explores the highlights of the City of London.

Starts: St Paul's Underground station
Step-free access: yes

Perfect for everyone.


90 minutes

Book a private tour online with your own professional and qualified guide. Select your preferred date and time for an exclusive journey through history within the City of London's famed 'Square Mile'. This tour offers a captivating exploration of historic sites and stories often unnoticed in daily life.

Our journey commences in Postman's Park, a haven not only of tranquillity but also of heroic tales. The park commemorates 62 remarkable Londoners who sacrificed their lives for others, each narrative both unique and inspiring. From this serene spot, we venture into the vibrant streets of the City, each echoing its own historical saga.

As we progress towards the renowned Cheapside, anticipate tales of women who broke through 18th-century barriers with their successful ventures. These pioneering female entrepreneurs challenged societal expectations, contributing significantly to Cheapside's dynamic commercial scene—a striking precursor to today's empowered businesswoman.

Nearby, the bells of St Mary Le Bow resonate, carrying the weight of centuries-old history. These bells hold stories that may astonish you, echoing a rich sonic heritage of the city.

The tour also highlights the perilous drinking water Londoners once faced, a challenge that transcended social boundaries until groundbreaking engineering projects brought about transformation. This narrative is one of adversity, innovation, and eventual progress.

Wandering through the City's financial heart, the Royal Exchange emerges, a symbol of commerce and trade that catapulted London into global financial prominence. We'll explore the pivotal role of the Royal Exchange in establishing the city as an economic hub.

A hidden gem awaits discovery—the Bank of England's secret garden. More than a financial institution, it houses a secluded oasis, illustrating the City's complex character.

Our tour concludes in Guildhall Yard, where the modern and ancient worlds collide over the remnants of a Roman Amphitheatre. This space highlights the blend of civic life and historical depth, reflecting the timeless spirit of the City.

Finally, we honour a remarkable vicar who transformed his church into a sanctuary of a different kind. With a telephone and a heart full of empathy, his initiative—Mansion House 2000—became a beacon of hope, proving that in a bustling metropolis like London, acts of kindness resonate deeply.

Embark on this enlightening journey through the City of London. Whether you're a daily commuter or an inquisitive visitor, there's a wealth of history to uncover in the seemingly ordinary. Every corner, every stone, and every street has a story—are you prepared to listen?

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Duration: 90mins
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