Doctor Who Private Tour

Explore the history and locations linked to the BBC's iconic Doctor Who series and its many connections to Waterloo and the Southbank.

Doctor Who, the BBC's iconic scifi series, has just marked up its 60th Anniversary. Whether you are huge fan or just curious to find out what all the fuss is about this is the tour for you. Join scifi writer David Turnbull on a guided journey through time and relative dimensions, exploring the history and locations linked to the series and it's many connections to Waterloo and the Southbank.

Along the way, you will meet Sontarans at the Seacole Statue, Daleks on Westminster Bridge, and Draconians on the Southbank. You will visit the hospital where one of the Doctors from the classic series was born during an air raid. Doctor Who, the BBC's quintessential science fiction series, has recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. Whether you're an ardent aficionado or simply keen to understand the cultural significance of this long-running show, this walking tour is tailored for you.
Join science fiction writer David Turnbull as he leads you on an intellectual escapade through both time and relative dimensions, delving into the history and filming locations associated with Doctor Who. Notably, the tour shines a spotlight on the series' intricate connections to the areas of Waterloo and the Southbank.

As we traverse the streets and landmarks, anticipate encounters with characters from the Whoniverse such as Sontarans near the Seacole Statue, Daleks on Westminster Bridge, and Draconians ambling along the Southbank. Explore the hospital where one of the classic Doctors made his dramatic entry into the world amidst the chaos of a World War II air raid. Moreover, learn about the crucial role that the London Eye played in the relaunch of the modern series.

While the tour centres on Doctor Who, it would be incomplete without venturing into hidden treasures like the origins of iconic elements such as the TARDIS, the Daleks, and the Sonic Screwdriver. Stand on the very spot where a Dalek unceremoniously exploded, triggering alarms throughout shops in the Waterloo area. Explore the intriguing connection between Lambeth's most famous son, Charlie Chaplin, and the nuanced portrayal of the second Doctor. Additionally, uncover the stories of two more of Lambeth's native sons, instrumental in the design and development of the Daleks.

In alignment with the time-travel motif of the series, you'll also gain insights into the historical landmarks of Waterloo and Southbank. Your journey will commence at the poignant National Windrush Monument, located on the concourse of Waterloo Station. Here, you will also hear heartwarming tales about the contributions of the Windrush generation's sons and daughters who have enriched the six-decade-long legacy of our beloved Time Lord.

This tour offers a multi-layered experience, one that combines the thrill of a cult TV series with the historical richness of one of London's most iconic areas. Join us for an educational and entertaining stroll through time and space.uring the WW2 blitz and discover why the London Eye played a pivotal role in the launch of the rebooted series.

Hidden gems include the origins of the Tardis, the Daleks and the Sonic Screwdriver. Visit the location where a Dalek exploded, setting off shop alarms all over Waterloo. Find out why Lambeth's most famous son, Charlie Chaplin, influenced the portrayal of the second Doctor. Discover another two of Lambeth's sons who were crucial to the design and development of the Daleks.

In fitting with the time travel theme of the series you will also see and hear much about the landmarks of the area and their history. The walk starts at the fabulous and touching National Windrush Monument on the concourse of Waterloo Station and here you will discover the stories of the many sons and daughters of immigrants from the Windrush generation who have added their own unique contributions to six decades of our favourite Time Lord.

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