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  • 1.5 Hours ##About Step into the untamed beauty and enchanting allure of Puerto Rico's vibrant ecosystem with our unforgettable Nature and Wildlife Tour at Condado Lagoon. Prepare to be amazed as you embark on a journey of wonder and excitement, journeying through verdant landscapes, glittering waters, and interacting with the enthralling wildlife that makes Condado Lagoon their home. You'll bear witness to the harmony of life in the wild, experiencing the balance between land and sea, flora and fauna, and the delicate dance of the ecosystem. This is more than just a tour - it's an opportunity to discover, to learn, and to be captivated by the mesmerizing world of nature and wildlife. Dive into this adventure, and let the diverse beauty of Puerto Rico capture your heart. This tour is a must-do experience that will leave you with lifelong memories - don't miss out on this captivating experience, reserve your place today!

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1st Stop: San Juan Bay Estuary Watershed and Connectivity
Begin your adventure with a 360° view of the iconic San Juan landscape, showcasing the interconnected marvel of roads, buildings, and bodies of water. Take in the breathtaking views of El Parque Jaime Benitez, Condado, Old San Juan, and the rising mountains of Miramar. Our expert guides will illuminate the intricate journey of water from various rivers and creeks to the expansive 102 acres of lagoon, flowing ultimately into the Atlantic Ocean via the Boqueron Inlet.

2nd Stop: San Juan Bay History
Get a glimpse into the rich tapestry of history that shaped the Condado Lagoon and its surroundings. Our guides will highlight the lagoon's transformation from a rich red mangrove ecosystem, peppered with beaches and water channels, to its current state due to centuries of development and exploitation.

3rd Stop: Seagrass Meadows
Discover the thriving underwater world of seagrass meadows. These underwater powerhouses, teeming with turtle grass and manatee grass, serve as the backbone of the lagoon's ecosystem, supporting a variety of wildlife. Come face to face with charismatic marine creatures like the spiky white sea egg urchin, the camouflaged southern stingray, and the slow-moving queen conch. You might even spot a green sea turtle or the adorable West Indian manatee, the lagoon's mascot.

4th Stop: Fort, Corals, and Beach
The final stop on our tour provides a mix of history, geology, and marine biology. Marvel at the age-old San Geronimo fort, hear the local myth about the dog-shaped rock formation and learn about the creation and impact of the man-made reef corridors teeming with fish and coral colonies. Our guides will share fascinating insights about corals, their polyp structures, the vital role of Zooxanthellae, and the environmental challenges the region's coral reefs face. Get up close with brain coral, fire coral, sea fans, and sea anemones, while watching out for the elusive trumpetfish.

Join us for an unforgettable exploration of Condado Lagoon, and discover its ecosystems' extraordinary beauty and complexity. This tour is perfect for those looking to enjoy nature, learn about local history and conservation efforts, and get a glimpse into the unique wildlife that calls this lagoon home. Step off the beaten path and dive into the heart of Puerto Rico's natural treasures. Book your spot today and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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