Smoke & Soil: A Journey Through Tobacco Traditions

Smoke & Soil: A Journey Through Tobacco Traditions


4 hours (Plantation Explorer)
6 hours (Rolling Maestro)


Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of tobacco farming at Finca Neo Jibairo, an iconic plantation nestled in the scenic landscape of Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Embark on a captivating journey that traces the authentic process of tobacco cultivation and production, unveiling the magic behind each meticulously rolled cigar.

Experience our two uniquely curated tour options, designed to enlighten and entertain, adding depth to your Puerto Rican adventure.

First, our "Plantation Explorer" tour allows you to delve into the heart of our facilities and observe the life cycle of tobacco—from seedling to the artful drying of mature leaves. Uncover the significant role of tobacco farming in Puerto Rico's cultural heritage and economy as you navigate through vibrant tobacco fields and rustic drying houses. This is an immersive agricultural tour that brings you up close with the traditional process, the facilities, and the skilled farmers who make it all possible.

On the other hand, the "Rolling Maestro" tour elevates your excursion from merely observational to interactive. Not only will you witness the meticulous stages of tobacco production, but you'll also get a chance to try your hand at rolling your own cigar. Guided by seasoned professionals, this hands-on experience will let you appreciate the finesse and craftsmanship that goes into every cigar, cementing your connection to Puerto Rico's cultural legacy.

Whether you're an aficionado or a novice, Finca Neo Jibairo offers an authentic and unforgettable glimpse into the world of tobacco farming and cigar production. Join us for a memorable tour and step into the shoes of the maestros behind the finest cigars, deepening your understanding of Puerto Rico's age-old traditions. Book your journey today and uncover the essence of Puerto Rican tobacco culture at Finca Neo Jibairo.


Roundtrip transportation, bottles of water, light snacks, and entrance ticket to Finca Neo Jibairo


The age minimum is 18 yrs. in compliance with Puerto Rico Law.

P.R. Law Regulations

Puerto Rico's drinking and smoking age is 18 or older.

**Rolling Maestro is only offered on Friday's. Materials to roll your own cigar is only available with the Rolling Maestro package.*

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Duration: 4-6 hours
Listing created Jan 17, 2024

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