Private Beginner Cable Reservation

Great for first time riders or riders interested in learning to hit their first jump!


1 to 3 hours


Virtually replacing the need for a boat, cable systems are an overhead towing device used to pull riders (wakeboard, waterski, or kneeboard) across a body of water. Keys Cable has unique, 2-point cable systems that are independently operated. Unlike traditional cable systems that pull multiple riders around a lake in a square or circular motion, our systems pull one rider at a time between two points, in a continuous, back and forth motion.

The riding feel is very similar of being behind a boat, but slightly easier because of upward lift that is incurred from a higher tow point. The cable systems are run by small, electric motors, using only about as much energy as a small refrigerator, making them very energy efficient and the greenest source of wakeboarding available, AND at Keys Cable powered by the sun!

More Information

The cable pulls one rider at a time, with multiple riders the time will be split into sessions. Within one hour 5 riders can take one longer session or two shorter sessions. A “session” can last a rider anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes depending on the individuals stamina, the amount of time riding on the board or falling and how many riders are in the group.

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Max # of People: 4
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Tours & Guides
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Duration: 1-3 hours
Listing created Jan 9, 2024

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