Old City Ghosts- St. Augustine - 1hr (SAVE OVER 25%)

In a town acutely aware of its place in history, sometimes the extraordinary finds itself hidden by the mundane. Old City Ghosts offers a unique and compelling look at the ghostly happenings lurking in some of the Ancient City’s darkest corners. Our tour takes you through one of St. Augustine’s most haunted areas, with each location ratcheting up the tension more and more.

Being the oldest continuously European inhabited city in the United States means that plenty of people have come to St. Augustine. Some came looking for fame and fortune; some came to study its unique cocktail of cultural history. However, most people don’t come looking for the ghosts, and they may miss the terror that much of the city is built on—or maybe they choose not to see it. Every quaint inn, trendy restaurant, or historical landmark is built upon a grisly past.

With Old City Ghosts, you will walk the same paths as ancient Native American warriors, Spanish Conquistadors, and dishonorable pirates. Your trip through St. Augustine’s storied history will help you understand the impact history can have on a place, all while making the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Approximately 60 minutes and .8 miles of walking

26 Toques Place, St. Augustine, FL 32804


Duration (tours, trips, experiences, classes): 1hr
Subscription Required: Yes
Listing created Mar 21, 2022

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