The New Orleans Nightlife Ride -2 hrs

Light up the city on wheels blinged out with bicycle lights! This unique private ride through New Orleans not only helps you explore our nightlife, it is an essential part of it! Our escorts create a festive atmosphere with music while parading you through the city. In addition to bright lights our neon bikes come equipped with front baskets and cup holders. Join this parade on two wheels and take part in this unique New Orleans experience!

What to Expect
The New Orleans Nightlife Ride starts at Flambeaux Bicycle Tours French Quarter location (626 North Rampart St.). Upon arrival you will fill out a waiver and be fitted on a bicycle to make sure you’re comfortable. After a short safety briefing you will embark on a 2 hour excursion around the French Quarter, the Marigny, the Warehouse District and back to our shop.

The lead rider will keep the energy flowing by queuing up your favorite music. We will stop at the intersections of New Orleans most vibrant nightlife districts as we light up the night.

Your night ride will include bicycles with lite up wheels, an optional helmet, and a guaranteed good time!

Do you have any special request for our party?
Yes! Please copy the link to this page ( and text/email it to all of the participants. Please have them read the following FAQS so that way everyone is on the same page about what to expect.

Do I, and the other people in my group, need to know how to ride a bicycle?
Yes. Please don't book or book someone else if you or the other participant you're booking for can't ride a bicycle. No refund will be issued to anyone who shows up the night of the ride and can't ride a bike. The night ride is for experienced riders only.

Please don’t assume that everyone you are booking for knows how to ride a bicycle. We ask that you vet the other participants to assure they can ride a bike. People who can’t ride a bicycle put themselves and others in danger. It also slows down the 2 hour experience and can be a drag to the rest of the people who know how to ride a bike and are ready to have a good time.

Any damages done to our bicycles or other peoples property as a result of someone not knowing how to ride a bicycle will be charged to the cardholders card that we have on file.

Can I drink alcohol on this ride?
While it's not illegal to drink alcohol on a bicycle in Louisiana, it is Illegal to ride a bicycle while intoxicated. Our number one priority on the ride is safety. To ensure safety we ask that everyone maintain sobriety while on the ride. Only you know your own limits, so please exercise appropriate restraint. Also, we know it seems like common sense, but please show up sober. Anyone who shows up inebriated will not be allowed on the ride and will not be refunded.

Riding a bicycle while intoxicated is more dangerous then driving a car while intoxicated. Being inebriated while on the ride puts you and the other riders, and motorist at risk. It produces an overall unpleasant experience for everyone on the ride.

If any damages are inflicted on the bicycles or someone else’s property due to inebriation the repairs will be charged to the cardholders card who books the tour. Please exercise due diligence before the ride to assure everyone in your group is sober before the ride departs.

What's your rain policy?
In the event of sever weather at the start of the ride, participants can either reschedule or be refunded.* If unforeseen inclement weather crops up during the ride we do not offer refunds nor do we reschedule once the ride embarks.

*Please be vigilant of the rain forecast and make a decision about whether or not you want to do the ride at least 2 hours before the start time. As stated above there will be no refund nor will we reschedule any of the missed time due to rain.

Is this a historical tour?
No. The Nightlife Ride is a leisurely private bike ride around downtown New Orleans with family, friends, music and people cheering you on along the way.

Can I do tricks on the bicycles?
No! Our bikes are not mountain bikes, nor are they BMX bikes. They are not intended to do pop a wheelies, bunny hops, jumping the curb, etc. Our bicycles are city bikes that are designed to cruise and get you to point A to B in class, style, and restraint.

Can I book if I have less than 10 people?
Yes! We host private rides of any size. The base price for a private nightlife ride is $360 for 1 to 10 riders.

Is this ride for the elderly or physically impaired?
Please note that we will be riding the bicycles in city streets. We also ride the bikes along the river which entails riding up the levee. The levee is small and is no problem for those with normal physical strength. However, it may pose as a problem for those with disabilities or those that that lack physical strength.

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