Mojito Cocktail & Merengue Dance Lesson with Miami Christine

Mojito Cocktail & Merengue Dance Lesson with Miami Christine

Miami Beach, FL

From 20$ • 1 hour

There’s nothing like a cool, crisp, minty mojito cocktail for sultry summers.

Learn the proper way to make this delicate drink from Cuba with its many refreshing layers. After your masterful creation and a few sips, it’s time to dance! Ever felt awkward trying to move your hips or by learning in a classroom environment with strangers? Well, we have your perfect solution!

Christine, our vivacious tour guide is known for teaching anyone with two left feet and no rhythm the basics of merengue. This dance originates from the Dominican Republic and its two-beat tempo is a great way to learn the basics before progressing to the more complex Salsa dancing. Christine, with her dance background, has taught many tour guests how to sway those hips and dance with confidence. You can learn too!

After the experience, Christine shares where to go in Miami for Latin dancing that caters to all ages, a hidden gem that locals go to. So when Miami reopens for tourism, you can plan your trip and a fun-filled itinerary with insider’s tips!


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Duration (tours, trips, experiences, classes): 1 hour
Generally Available Days/Times (e.g. Weekends 10AM & 4PM): Daily 3pm
Listing created Jul 29, 2021

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