Chakra Healing Sound Bath

Chakra Healing Sound Bath

Key West, FL

45 Minutes | | All Ages | Deeply Relaxing

A CHAKRA HEALING SOUND BATH with Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls and Solfeggio Tuning Forks is a great experiential journey in sound healing. Your senses are immersed in a concert of specific healing frequencies that offer deep relaxation, stress relief, increased energy, & clarity.

Our bodies are made up of energy waves vibrating at different frequencies. When these waves are out of rhythm, we experience stress, disharmony, and disease. Sound healing is a form of vibrational medicine that helps clear blockages and balance the body's energy channels.

When the healing vibrations produced by the bowls move through the atmosphere and touch us, they gently massage our tissues at a cellular level, coaxing us back into our natural rhythm. Studies have shown that sound has a direct impact on all of our body's systems - nervous, digestive, circulatory, cognitive… and our emotions.

During a Sound Bath, we are literally bathed in healing vibes as the body's electromagnetic field is recharged, helping improve immunity, energy level, and mood.

Many people describe their post sound bath experience as "I feel lighter." Some report sleeping way better & experiencing a shift in consciousness.

It is open to all ages - you don't have to "do" anything (it's not yoga). Just book your spot, show up, get comfortable, and receive.


Namaste Key West

(305) 690-0099

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