Four Falls Hike (1-2 people)

Four Falls Hike 1-2 people

The only thing missing are panda bears


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**********************************************************(Level: Moderately Challenging & Technical)

The hike begins with a fairly easy stroll down through one of our numerous bamboo forests. Then we arrive at a creek bed that fluctuates based on waterfall flow, where we rock hop across to giant bamboo and the first waterfall. There we can stop to cool off for a bit and take photos. We then rock hop to the 2nd falls for a quick swim. From there we have to climb up a 15 foot high, sheer rock, slippery slope next to the waterfall. There are ropes to use as leverage for climbing up. At the top, we hike through more bamboo, before we arrive at the 3rd larger and more impressive waterfall. This one has a larger and deeper pool. Here you can spend time relaxing in the sun and cooling off. It has great cliff jumping spots and a rope to swing off! Some of us prefer to swim to the actual falls and climb into it due to being deep set. But beware, it's very slippery! Having a private guide is very useful for assistance here. The reward, sitting under or near the waterfall!

The next phase is more challenging. We climb up a ladder with preset ropes, next to the waterfall, to get up the steep cliff face to the top of the falls. Your guide will be very useful here. We then lava rock hop through the creek bed on some slippery rocks, only to make our way to a hidden rock formation that drops down into a hidden channel to swim through (this is where our drypack is handy), to climb up a man-size waterfall into the creek bed and rock hop to the best and by far, the tallest hidden waterfall to explore, relax, have a snack or lunch, and soak up the sun! Their are several tier levels for climbing and jumping off the extensive lava rock wall near the falls (from high to low), which is great for all involved. By now, most people have dropped off the face of the planet! So, we may have this place to ourselves. The return is much faster without stopping. And it's about a two mile roundtrip hike that takes approximately 4 hours before driving us back to our meeting point to finish the day.

Further into this adventure hike is the road less traveled and for experienced hikers or active types, including kids!


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Makana Maui Adventures

(808) 283-2894

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