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Travel to Key West
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This is how it works

1. When you book you will get a pick up time according to your pick up location

2. On the day of your tour , we will pick you up from your location.

3. We drive down to Key West and you can take pictures of the beautiful bodies of water through the big windows in the bus.

4. On the way to Key West,the tour guide will be telling you about Key West, its history, its culture as well as the things to do!

5. We get to Key West around 11:30 AM

6. We will hand you a map iof Key West and then you have 6 hours to explore Key West.

7. Take pictures and enjoy your time in the Southernmost City in the United States

8. We meet back at the bus at 5:30 AM.

9. Get back to Miami at 9:30 PM. Get rest from a long day!


Travel to Key West


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