PADDLE! the Florida Keys, Inc.


PADDLE! the Florida Keys specializes in getting you what you need to have fun kayaking and paddle boarding out on the water. We offer kayak and stand up paddleboard rental, sales, repairs, tours, and lessons in the upper Florida Keys.

Join us for an eco-tour or class, or rent a board and go at your own pace. Whether you want to shred waves, paddle flat waters & view nature, race, or go on long distance touring, make us your first stop!



Paddle boards by Yolo and SIC. Longboards by Land Yachtz, Penny, Sector 9, Land Yachtz, Arbor, Moonshine, Loaded, Palisades, Paradise and more. Quickblade, Bending Branches, and Aquabound paddles. Sun protective clothing and active wear.


PADDLE! the Florida Keys

90773 Old Hwy. Unit 1 Tavernier, FL 33070

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