Paved Paradise New Orleans Bike Tours

In 2020 four co-workers who lost our jobs (COVID strikes again) decided we weren’t done yet. We weren’t done working as a team and we weren’t done showing visitors the city we love. So we said “Let’s keep going, but let’s do it better!”. We shook off the corporate dust, so that our guests will get a true New Orleans experience, and we built this thing from the cracked pavement up.

While our backgrounds are wildly different, we share the same goal: showing our city the best way we can to the people who want to see it. We have decades of experience between us. We love this city. We are obsessed with its history. We are entwined with its music, art, food, and culture. We want you to experience everything New Orleans has to offer.

How are we different? When you tour with Paved Paradise, you are riding with an owner of the company; someone who will make sure you walk away with great memories and stories to share. We love what we do and you’ll love coming along for the ride.

Being owner-operated means we can offer you experiences beyond our standard tours (which are fantastic). We can give you a more tailored experience, and we are all about it. We can offer you customized tours, made-to-order full days, or carefully curated complete weekends, all geared to what you want. There isn’t anything we can’t create for you. Just ask.

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