Shoreline Fishing

You may personally get picked up from your location and driven to a fishing destination! You will see views of the island and experience the real local shoreline fishing lifestyle. We will focus on using the hook & line fishing method. The species of fish mostly caught from O’ahu, Hawaii’s shoreline is but not limited to are called the Papio, O’io, Weke. We may also catch Hawaii’s state fish called the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. The State of Hawai’i Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR) Division of Aquatic Resources (DAR) is doing a fish tagging project for Goatfish & Moi to learn more about the life cycle of these sea creatures which my company is a volunteer for.


Items Provided -


Scoop Net

Hand Pole



Fishing Tackle

Tabis (beach shoes)


Bottled Water

Folding Chair/Mat




Ponchos for rainy days

First aid kit


Recommendations -

Wear beach attire

Bring Towel

Bring Jacket



Snacks & non alcoholic beverages (we may get something to eat on the way to the spot)

We fish on the weekday because the beaches are not as crowded as the weekends. Although, the weekends still can


Restrictions -

Ages 8 years and older due to the outdoor terrain.

We accept reservations for a single traveler to four people.

Please contact Brandon for a clear understanding before you make a reservation.

I will contact you the weather forecast three days before your scheduled fishing excursion.

If the weather forecast is not looking safe for your chosen fishing trip then hopefully we can reschedule.


Times -

Sunrise Excursion – From 6:30 am – 11:30 am

Sunset Excursion – From 1:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Times will vary according to the season.

Please consider driving time.


Rate -

Sunrise or Sunset Excursion = $120.00 Per Person

All excursions are specially planned, any request simply ask.


P. S. I am not claiming to be the best fisher. I am giving the travelers the opportunity to go shoreline fishing in Hawai’i, Aloha.


More info -

Scoop Net searching for Opae, trying to catch crabs, Sand Turtles & scoop small fish.

Hand Pole trying to catch Oama, Mamos and other small fish to eat or for bait.

Dunking Bait with spinning rods & reels requires you to be more patient as we hang a bell to the rod and wait for fish to bite in a certain area. I recommend this style of fishing if you do not want to walk as much and are with more people.

Floater keeps the bait off the bottom as you try to keep the line tight, even going into the reel. Watch for the bobber to go down under water then set the hook.

Whipping Lures requires constant casting and retrieving with technique. We may whip along side dunking, depending on your casting experience. Please only 1 whipper at a time.

Conventional Reels & Rods is the heaviest equipment for fishing from the shoreline in Hawai’i. These reels are made to hold more and bigger line to try catch heavier fish such thee elusive Ulua. Only if you are experienced.

Mainly we will dunk bait, learn about the weather conditions, environment, different types of sea creatures, regulations, explore the shoreline with a scoop net, share fishing stories while simply having good fun. Possibly we will whip, use the hand pole, float, trow conventional reels & rods depending on your experience, location, natural factors, fishing destination with fish in the area. You may meet me at the spot.

I shall advise you the weather forecast three days before your scheduled excursion. I will give you a friendly reminder the day before. Same day excursions are possible. If the conditions are not suitable then hopefully we can reschedule. Please call / text Brandon Alika Yadao at (808)382-0026 or email me at before you reserve your shoreline fishing excursion on the island of O’ahu.

Thank you


Shoreline Fishing Hawaii

(808) 382-0026


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