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Hawaii based Travel Agency, specializing Hawaii and Japan destinations who will make your dream vacation come true a most uniqe and memorable trip!

I love Hawaiian Islands. So, I can say, "I am lucky to live in Hawaii!" I am exploring and learning its unique personalities, diverse culture, delicious local food and of course Aloha spirit so that I can share them to clients!!

I offer an educational Hawaiian Monk Seal tour on Oahu in Japanese and English. Hawaiian Monk Seal is the most endangered animal species in the world and endemic to Hawaiian Islands, meaning it is native and exists nowhere else on Earth. Please join me to meet cute animal and learn about it!

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. I love to introducing my Home country Japan as well. Japan has history, culture, beautiful scenery such as Mt. Fuji, center of Pop culture and Japanese traditional food.

Please contact us to plan your dream vacation to Hawaii or Japan. email: or call: (808) 518-7642.


Kittie Travel

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