Key West Hydrobikes

VERY SAFE AND STABLE. Travel the waterways of Key West at speeds around 4-6 mph powered by you. Book for an hour, two hours or half the day with our personal rentals options at our four locations in Key West. We also have exciting excursions from our 0 Simonton Beach Location at LagarHeads Beach Bar. We offer Snorkeling, Wreck Dive off Christmas Island Beach, amazing wildlife, and of course Sunsets with our Glow Bike tours. Hydrobikes are great for every age and even your pets can travel along for a ride. Best part you never get wet! Unless you want to.

Personal Rentals Only offered at Casa Marina - The Reach - Marriott Beachside. All locations gives you a great time on the water. VERY Safe and Stable even on waves.

We do require past watersports experience for personal rentals. Not required at the Marriott Beachside


Key West Hydrobikes

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