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You’d be surprised how valuable tours around Denver can be to a tourist. One of the things you don’t realize until you have had a good tour guide is how much you can learn from him. A tour guide deepens your experience of the location so that you feel it in its fullness. We are Explorer Tours, and we’re a local company that has expert local knowledge that will help you to have a better time and keep you safe. When you choose Explorer Tours, the things you will get from our touring package include:

Experienced, knowledgeable and local guides
Credible and respected company
Excellent pricing
Some of the friendliest and best tour guides in the industry
Extremely clean and comfortable vehicle


Our Denver tours have helped people to learn some of the rich details about Colorado. We offer a variety of tours, and we can look at the context. Also, our guides look at the personality of the individual to tailor a touring package specifically to them for something so that they will have the maximum level of enjoyment. Let’s take Pikes Peak, for example. This splendorous mountain will leave you speechless as we climb to 4,302 meters. We will give you all the background about the mountain on the way to the peak. For example, we will look at the history and the most incredible and inspiring stories surrounding this mountain. Our guides have been known to divulge some of the more unique and lesser known details to help the destination to come alive. Some of the private tour areas that we specialize in include:
- Mount Evans
- Rocky Mountain National Park
- Denver Foothills
- Garden of the Gods
- Pikes Peak


Colorado has a unique culture unto itself with some unique foods. Our Denver private tours will show you everything that you want to learn about the subject. We have developed a reputation for having a good food culture here, and some of the foods we would love for tourists to try include cabrito, cheddar goldfish ice cream, duck confit and the Franklin. We will try to take you to some of the local cafes where you can avoid the overpriced tourist traps. One of the ways that you can experience the culture of Colorado is to check out some of the cuisines for an experience of the culture.


With a good tour guide, you will get information and visit a site above and beyond the obvious things, when they’re good. You might discover a place off the map of the normal tourist routes. What a lot of people don’t realize is how you have many sites that never make it on the tourist map, but they’re still equally interesting. For example, depending on your interests, we will look at what you like and help you to uncover the secrets of Colorado. We will help you to discover ways to appreciate cities and the different regions of the city.


The people who will be happiest with Explorer Tours are those who have a sense of adventure. They like to have a good time, and they want a touring package tailored around that good time. Along the way, you might have the chance to meet with some other travelers who might have suggestions about how to fully enjoy your tour. We will give you a wonderful opportunity to discover what works the best for you. The people who will love our touring packages will have a passion for learning about the local history and discovering the secrets of a destination. These are people who would rather have a tour guide help them to deepen their experience of travel. Sure, they could spend a few hours on their own appreciating the paintings and murals of Denver, but the cool thing about going through us is how we have the local knowledge to dive even deeper on these subjects. Our tours in Denver offer you a great way to develop a newer perspective. We have talented and interesting tour guides who have confidence in showing their passions. When you go through us, we will add a deeper level of insight and help you to have more fun while on your tour. Explorer Tours are often full of laughs and learning about some of the most interesting sites in Colorado.

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