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Brazil? Costa Rica? No! We're in MIAMI!. Get a locals insight on touring waterways of the city that will lead us to the Biscayne Bay.

We will begin on the historic Collins Canal which is known for its abundance in herons, iguanas, & fish. As we launch from the access point, get ready for an exciting stretch of water kayaking with secret city vibes. The reward? We will arrive to a picturesque uninhabited Monument island, also a spectacular vantage point for the city of Miami.

Look down & you will see the ocean floor as your kayaks are completely CLEAR. This immersive experience brings you astonishingly close to underwater sea-life. We will get out at the island & do a CHAMPAGNE or Wine TOAST to all the beauty of nature surrounding us & the Miami city skyline in the distance. This is a great time to explore, take pictures, & get to know each other.

We will return feeling at peace, healthy, happy, & with a sense of accomplishment. This is a truly unique & rewarding experience & we look forward to hosting


Clear View Kayaks

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