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It’s Time To Get On The Water

Do your next vacation in style with a luxury jet boating experience from Blue Diamond Boat Rentals. Crystal clear waters, sun-kissed skin, and family fun are the name of the game, and the game’s just getting started.

Blue Diamond Boat Rentals started in 2017 as a joint family venture between two brothers who grew up in Daytona Beach. Throughout their early years they would get to go boating with their dad all over Central Florida. This has allowed them to harness their skills in navigation, boat handling, and having a good time. Now we get to share these one of a kind experiences with others like you.

When you step aboard The Blue Diamond, you can let all your worries go and relax. We have everything you need from boats to water & ice to a canopy, chairs, and a grill! Just let us know where you want to go or what you want to do and we can make it happen.

Our captains are US Coast Guard trained and licensed. They are also certified and up to date in First Aide and CPR.


Blue Diamond Boat Rentals

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